If These Images Disturb You, Sign Petitions to Help These Animals

I thought I had seen my fair share of the cruel and violent acts inflicted on animals, but ever since I started following Animal Freedom Fighter on Facebook, I am reminded of how endless these shockingly vicious and savage acts upon animals are as they fill up my newsfeed. But these graphic images aren't just shared for shock value, they come with two to three petitions you can sign in order to actually help the cause. 

Here are just a few recent posts that I've come across that absolutely stunned me in disgust:

Polar Bear Killed by Zoosadist

Sign and share this petition to stop Delta Airlines employee Michele Levqe from killing another polar bear.

Sign and share this petition for the Canadian Government to stop the legal hunting of polar bears, the highest endangered species in the world.

Sign and share this petition to maintain the ban on polar bear trophy imports into the U.S.

Sign and share this petition to demand that the Australian government requires surveillance cameras in all pig farms and slaughterhouses. 

Sign and share this petition to fight plans to build a giant pig factory farm in Antrim, Northern Ireland, that will house more than 15,000 pigs (it would be the largest in Ireland and the UK).

Sign and share this petition urging Hormel to stop buying pork from pig torturing supplier QPP (Quality Pork Processors).

And of course this image below, because one of the most powerful "petitions" you can "sign" is choosing compassion over carnivorous cravings and adopting a vegan diet (or at least a vegetarian diet):